Divorce is not a final destination; it’s a stop along life’s journey. Let us be your guide to strategic solutions that help you protect your interests, and move on with the rest of your life.


Mediation is an important tool for helping you find resolution to your family law matter.  We will help you prepare in advance for mediation, and will advise you throughout the negotiation process.

Collaborative Process

The Collaborative Divorce Process allows spouses to find creative solutions, outside of the courtroom, to dividing their marital estate and ensuring their children are protected from the negative effects of divorce.

Property/Asset Division

We will advise you regarding the nature of the assets and liabilities that comprise your marital estate, and will work to structure an outcome that best enables you to achieve your goals.

Premarital Agreements

If you are considering marriage, we can help you understand your marital property rights under Texas law, make informed decisions to protect your financial future, and negotiate an agreement that allows you to live with peace of mind.


Understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to establishing your parent-child relationship.  

Grandparent’s Rights

Grandparents increasingly play an essential role in the care and upbringing of their grandchildren.  At times, it may be necessary and appropriate for a grandparent to seek custody of a grandchild, and even consider adoption.

Stepparent Adoption

For couples who decide to blend their families on the state of Texas, marriage is not enough for the stepparent to gain legal rights to their non-biological children. Stepparent adoption is a legal representation of your commitment and rights to their well-being and happiness.

Child Custody

Your role as a parent is essential to the well-being of your children.  We are committed to helping you ensure the best outcome for you and your family.

Custody Modification

Circumstances change, and it is not unusual for prior orders to be modified. Before initiating a modification proceeding, we will work with you to develop an overall strategy that helps you achieve the best outcome in your situation.


There are consequences for not following court orders.  If you have been accused of not following court orders, we will work with you to defend you in an enforcement action.  If the other parent is not following court orders, we will work with you to protect your rights under the orders.